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Kulina Lani Bakery

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Baked Goods

Kulina Lani Organic Sourdough Bakery crafts a variety of baked goods. Some have sourdough starters, while others just have wholesome deliciousness. Kulina Lani Organic Breakfast Cookies are GF, or, you guessed it, gluten-free!

Available for purchase online are the GF Island Oatmeal Cookies, GF Old Fashioned Cinnamon-Raisin-Walnut Cookie, and the GF Cranberry-White Chocolate-Orange Cookie. During the holiday season, the Gingerbread People make an appearance for purchase online too! Visit Kulina Lani Organic Sourdough Bakery at the Waimea Mid-Week Farmers Market on Wednesdays or the Kamuela Farmers Market on Saturdays for a rotating selection of baked goods not available online.


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