Kulina Lani Bakery

Organic Sourdough Bakery

Kulina Lani Bakery

Where to Find Kulina Lani Organic Sourdough Bakery Products

You can find Kulina Lani Organic Sourdough Bakery products at 2 Farmers Markets in Kamuela (aka Waimea) on the Big Island of Hawaii. In addition to the sourdough bread featured on our website, we sell specialty breads that highlight local ingredients in season. We also offer pastries, pizzettes, our fresh churned butter, and more.

Waimea Midweek Farmers Market, Pukalani Stables, Kamuela, HI, Wednesday from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM, We return to the Wednesday Market on April 17, 2019!
Kamuela Farmers Market at Pukalani Stables, Pukalani Stables, Kamuela, HI, Saturday from 7:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Local Restaurants, Cafés, and Stores to Find Kulina Lani Organic Sourdough Bakery Products

Our sourdough bread and baked goods are on the shelf and the menu at these wonderful Big Island establishments:

Red Barn, Wednesday and Saturday Farmers Markets at the Pukalani Stables, Kamuela, HI

Liquid Life Café, Kea’au, HI

Liquid Life Café, Waimea, HI

Waimea Butcher Shop, Kamuela, HI

Sea DandeLion Café & Awa Bar, Honoka’a, HI

The Papa’aloa Country Store & Café,  Papa’aloa, HI

The Locavore Store, Hilo, HI

Magics Beach Grill, Kona, HI

G’s Que BBQ

Waimea Coffee Company, Waimea, HI

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