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About Kulina Lani Organic Sourdough Bakery

I was standing in the grocery store bread aisle several years ago and thought, “If only I could buy a sliced loaf of organic sourdough bread that didn’t have sugar. Or ingredients I can’t pronounce and commercial yeast!” Every day several sack lunches for my family go out the door. In truth, I have been baking this kind of bread for my family for years.

But how convenient it would be to buy a loaf of great bread. If that’s what I want, then other people might want that too!


We craft organic sourdough bread with ingredients you can pronounce.


Of course, I enjoy an uncut crusty loaf of pain au levain, but the day to day need is for tasty and healthy sandwich bread. That’s why Kulina Lani Organic Sourdough Bakery sells delicious, nutritious, low-gluten, low-glycemic organic sourdough bread each Saturday and Wednesday in Kamuela at the Pukalani Stables as well as in our online store. When you visit us at the Farmers Market, you will also find a variety of sourdough pastries, cinnamon rolls, croissants, bagels, pizzettes, and many other Kulina Lani baked creations that celebrate our Island’s abundance.


Kulina Lani Organic Sourdough Bakery Hawaii


Our farm and bakery is located on the Big Island of Hawaii, where we raise organic dairy cows, chickens, and produce. Our eggs, beef, organic butter, avocados, bananas, coconut, grapefruit, guava, lilikoi, and garden herbs are added to our bread creations.

Mahalo to all of our bread-ohana for buying local with us. We always look forward to seeing you at the market and would love to hear from you anytime.


Warm Aloha and God Bless ~ Pam and Shane


Pam and Shane Harsh Harvesting Bananas at Kulina Lani Organic Sourdough Bakery and Farm Hawaii
We’re Pam and Shane. We are grateful for the constant abundance of fresh produce we harvest on Kulina Lani Organic Farm!

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